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Anybody who wishes to start business should attend this seminar. It does not require any special qualifications or experience All the material is presented in an easy-to-follow manner. Even those with no experience are quick to learn as our instructor demonstrates how to place real trades during the workshop.

Yes, after this seminar you will be able to trade commodities like wheat, cotton, soybeans, coffee, sugar, silver, crude oil, various currencies, live cattle, lumber, cocoa, etc. You will be able to trade all these and more at all commodity exchanges worldwide

This Seminar will give you all the tools required for doing this business including:

  • Names & contacts of the exchanges and their numbers Where to get daily, hourly and real-time prices
  • How to actually start trading
  • How to get / make charts and other tools for analysis and much more
Each brokerage firm has its own minimum margin account requirement ranging anywhere from $700 to $25,000.
Yes, you wouldn’t start a business without the right education or background, so why put your hard earned money into a market where you will be going head-to-head against professional traders without the same level of confidence? There is no easy way to the markets. The strategies taught in our Seminar can not be found in books. You will be given the proper criteria for executing the trades, specific guidelines to determine when you should enter into a trade or to stay away. Our expert trader teaches these important topics. The information given during the seminar is the accumulation of years of experience in trading.
Losing trades is a reality of this business. No matter how much research you do, a position can still move against you. However, we do teach you a skill set you will use to become successful. Our Course Instructor will share with you the strategies and procedures he uses daily to dramatically reduce risk going into a trade to cut losses when he is wrong. Most of our graduates have testified that the strategies taught are alone worth the price admission.
No one can guarantee each trade will be successful. The best traders in the world are seldom right on more than 50% of their trades, yet they are extremely profitable. How do they do it? They place trades that lose far less when they are wrong than they profit when they are right. You will learn how to employ the same risk reward parameters that allow many professionals to profit even when only that half of their trades are successful
How much money you have to trade with is not important at this moment. Many people go to college to learn how to be in business and have no money to begin one. They first learn how to run a successful business and then gain experience before they look for capital to start their business So first learn to be a successful trader, practice the skills you gain and then only when you are confident and ready should you risk any real capital
The Course Instructor is one of the most successful commodities traders in the world. Since 1990 he has been actively trading commodities. During the early 90’s he spent a lot of time learning the business of trading commodities, he visited the various exchanges and took a lot of courses, he studied and analyzed the successful traders, met them and learned from them. Finally he developed a unique system of trading which has made him successful He also gives seminars in which he shares his success secrets in trading commodities. He enjoys giving these seminars and the interaction between people. He is an excellent lecturer who is able to impart his knowledge in a very easy to understand way. Most of his courses are short 2-4 day seminars which are to the point, productive workshops in which he shows how he trades and how anybody else can also trade successfully, He has given many seminars all over the world since 1997.
Who better to learn from than someone who has devoted his entire life to making money trading? Your “one-on-one” interactions with our Course Instructor deliver a learning experience of the highest quality. First, you will learn the proper steps to trading from one of the best professionals in this business. And even someone who has never traded before can follow the steps and trade like a professional. Second, often other trading instructors have very little credentials or trading experience. Most of these people are new to trading and have not enough knowledge and experience to teach others. We have also found that most other trading instructors work in different professions that have nothing to do with the market Third, during Seminar our Course Instructor will reveal you his battle-tested trading techniques you can implement and profit from immediately. If you ever wanted to look over the shoulder of a successful trader, this is your chance!
Some of those attending our Seminars, including brokers, and professional traders, are already familiar with this business, but in fact they don’t know the proper entrance and exit strategies. Also there are the “secrets” you get from ETTFOS Seminar So, they attend to learn a better way of picking trades and developing a profitable trading system. They know trying to develop such on their own will take them years of experience including losing trades and missed opportunities. They feel the tuition to attend the ETTFOS Seminar is a much smaller price to pay to get the knowledge they need now.
Since the advent of the home computer and the internet, real-time quotes, CNBC, on-line charting and news services, etc. many of the advantages previously reserved for exchange members are available to everyone. As a matter of fact, many professional traders are leaving the trading floors to trade from home. You can trade from anywhere. No facility is needed Trade from your home, office, car, airplane, nearly anywhere. The style of trading taught at our Seminar requires only a few hours per week We have had some students quit their jobs to trade from home. If they can do it, you can too. The only advantage they have a skill set that you will learn at our Seminar. This Seminar will prepare you to do this business by yourself, taking every decision on your own. You will not need anybody after you complete this course
Our instructor typically spends less than two hours a day trading. The trading techniques he teaches you require very little of your time and there is no need to follow the real-time session. He has plenty of time on his hands and actually enjoys teaching Also in order to help teach you, he sometimes trades during class Teaching our Seminar does not take him away from trading, it gives him an opportunity to share with others a profession he loves.
Our trading strategies do not require a lot of time. This is not day trading. We teach you how to place trades that can become profitable. All in all one can do quite well dedicating two or three hours a week to evaluating candidates and a Ten minutes each day monitoring trades. Some techniques taught require very little monitoring. The exact amount of time will vary from person to person depending on the type and number of trades.

Actually, it is priced reasonably. Professional traders spend years to develop the skill set you can learn at our Seminar. How much did it cost you in time and money to develop your business or occupational skill? It is not cheap to go to a major college to learn from some of the best professors. Likewise a professional trader as an instructor does not come cheap. He is not going to give away this skill set for nothing. You have the opportunity to learn this skill set for less than the cost of one bad trade. We feel that our incredible training Seminar will be the best investment that you can make.

Absolutely. We have made an extensive research to find trading companies for the best service at the cheapest prices. We have isolated a few that you may be interested in. We are pleased to support you with all the information you may need.

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