Stop Guessing, Start Learning

The success rate of independent traders today is estimated to be roughly 10%, with some trading organizations believing it to be as low as 1%.  What this means is that only 90 (or 99) independent traders out of 100 are consistently making money through trading.  Most casino games have a better chance of making money than that.

The trading industry as a whole has developed a reputation that suggests that risk is too high, and that trading successfully can only be done by a select few savants or through brokerage services.  This false information is found and propagated through various media and internet outlets.  A point that is not emphasized is that financial market trading is done by every business organization in the world: whether directly or indirectly.  But trading successfully is not just a process: it’s an art.

Indeed, a vast majority of all wealth that is generated in this world is done through international trade markets.  And just about anyone can trade in financial products.  ETTFOS’s trading course aims to show you how to tilt the probability of success in our favor.

The objective of any trading course is to teach students by investing in them through education.  ETTFOS aims to teach aspiring and novice traders alike the necessary skills to succeed at trading in financial markets.  By comprehensively understanding the pros and cons of various markets and products, ETTFOS prepares our students to strategize and apply critical techniques to analyze all market scenarios. Through careful risk management, applicable mathematical strategies, and mentorship from an experienced tradesman, ETTFOS offers a one of a kind trading course program that can support any dedicated individual on their investing journey.

Knowledge is the ultimate empowerment, and through it, financial success can be achieved.